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Mick Jarvie President

Mick Jarvie - President of the BC Interior RDA

Mick Jarvie is from Australia. Born in Melbourne & grew up in BC. In BC as a Adult Mick studied Office Management.

As a Adult Mick went back to Melbourne & spent 16 years there, When in Melbourne Mick studied Acting, Fitness & Massage Therapy.

During the COVID19 lock-downs in Melbourne Mick was arrested in the freedom protests for fighting for freedom for his county.

While in Melbourne, Mick Joined & still is today a member of Liberal Democrats, a Libertarian party in state of Victoria. Liberal Democrats share a lot of the same ideology as the PPC

Mick returned to Canada in 2020 after inheriting his Canadian citizenship from his Father. as Liberal Democrats share a lot of the same ideology as the PPC Mick joined the PPC in Kelowna/lake Country riding area.

Mick has travelled to many parts of the world including Communist China as see in his profile photo. Mick realized threw his Travels that all people seek happiness & they find that happiness in freedom.

“I’m the boy from Oz, who waltz his Matilda, become a convict, then a free man but of most all I’m Australian Canadian. I will stand on guard for Thee to fight for Canadians’ freedoms with the PPC from enemies who are slowing taking this away from us.” – Mick Jarvie

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